gullAAmdur Associates



Gulla Amdur Associates is an innovative, collaboration between two men who are among the top experts in their respective fields, Don Gulla of Arrestlingand Ellis Amdur of Edgework: Crisis Intervention Resources. Together, they have developed something far greater than the sum of their two skill sets. Both Don and Ellis have long felt that neither verbal de-escalation nor self-defense/combatives can be taught in isolation. One may be trying to calm an angry individual, be they a customer in a business, a client at a food bank, or an inmate within a jail, but they suddenly attack, without any warning. In such cases, talking is no longer the answer. In other events, however, situations can be resolved through communication, if only people have the skills to do so. Without such skills, force becomes the only option.

Both instructors are eminently practical, and very clear about the devastating effects of violence. Yet both have a sense of humor that is outrageously entertaining, but always on point. It is far easier to learn deadly serious skills when one is laughing, because skills taught in a state of tension and fear require extreme emotions, rather than calm, to perform later.  Don and Ellis craft their training specifically for the professional responsibilities of their customers, including businesses trying to ensure safety for their customers and staff, social service agencies working with volatile clients, private security staff and organizations,  and all aspects of law enforcement, including police, corrections and parole/probation. Within a Gulla Amdur Associates training, you will learn skills in areas that you never imagined. In addition, you will confirm much hard-won knowledge that you already possess.