gullAAmdur Associates

About gullAAmdur Associates

Gulla Amdur Associates is the groundbreaking collaboration between  Arrestlingand Edgework: Crisis Intervention Resources.  

Arrestling is a creation of Don Gulla. It combines a full spectrum of force option trainings, from escape and evade training for businesses as well as general worksite safety, self-defense for those in a variety of settings, as well as combative tactics suitable for corrections, law enforcement and security personnel. It is a true ‘mixed martial art,’ not geared for a sportive ring environment, but for safety and survival in real world situations, specific to one’s professional and personal responsibilities.

Edgework is an overarching methodology developed by Ellis Amdur. Edgework provides training and consultation for institutions as well as individuals who experience, or must intervene with potentially dangerous or otherwise troubling individuals, who may be struggling with mental illness, substance abuse or other factors.

Both Don and Ellis have long felt that neither verbal de-escalation nor self-defense/combatives can be taught in isolation. One may be trying to calm an angry individual, be they a customer in a business, a client at a food bank, or an inmate within a jail, and they suddenly, without any apparent warning, attack. Talking is no longer the answer. In other events, situations could be resolved through communication, if one only had the skills to do so. Without them, force becomes the only option. Gulla Amdur Associates is an innovative, collaboration between two men who are regarded as among the top experts in their respective fields. Both have found that together, they have developed something that is far greater than the sum of their two skill sets.

Ellis Amdur and Don Gulla co-founded Gulla Amdur Associates, after years of collaboration. They hold a shared vision of integrating every aspect of establishing safety in dangerous interactions with emotionally disturbed individuals. Both share the viewpoint that one should never give up on an attempt at peaceful resolution through verbal de-escalation tactics, and at every moment, one should always be prepared to defend one’s own and others lives by the best tactic available. Together, they offer training on everything from advanced tactical interactions with aggressive individuals for law enforcement and correctional officers to worksite and personal safety for ordinary individuals.

Both instructors are eminently practical, and very clear about the devastating effects of violence. Yet both have a sense of humor that is outrageously entertaining, but always on point. It is far easier to learn deadly serious skills when one is laughing, because skills taught in a state of tension and fear will require that emotion to perform them later, with, unfortunately, the breakdown of those skills caused by that fear.  You will learn skills in areas you never imagined achieving expertise, and find confirmed within the training, much hard-won knowledge you already possess.