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About Don Gulla & Ellis Amdur

Ellis and Don Gulla recently co-founded Gulla Amdur Associates. Ellis and Don have collaborated for a number of years, with a shared vision of integrating every aspect of establishing safety in dangerous interactions with emotionally disturbed individuals. Both share the viewpoint that one should never give up on an attempt at peaceful resolution through verbal de-escalation tactics, yet at every moment, one should always be prepared to defend one’s own and others lives by the best tactic available. Together, they offer training on everything from advanced tactical interactions with aggressive individuals for law enforcement and correctional officers to worksite and personal safety for ordinary individuals.

About Don Gulla

Arrestling founder Ret. Sgt Don Gulla had a 33 Year Law Enforcement Professional. He’ continues as an Instructor in Advanced CIT , Mental Health First Aid, CIT Youth, and Procedural Justice. He was assigned to the Washington State Criminal Justice Training Commission Academy for 7 years. He coordinated

Don with Bowlone of the largest CIT programs in the United States. He spent 12 Years in the Special Operations Division as Full Time SWAT Team Member, with over 600 missions, and was the supervisor for King County Sheriff’s Office’s Hostage/Crisis Negotiation Team.

He’s an Advanced Firearms Instructor, Active Shooter Response Trainer, EVOC Instructor, Master Defensive Tactics Instructor and Senior Master Taser Instructor.

He has 47 Years of Combative Arts Training, including judo, karate, kung fu, muay Thai, Arnis and Brazilian jiujitsu. He’s a five-time World Police and Fire Games Gold Medallist in karate.

He has been a presenter at the American Society of Law Enforcement Trainers, International Law Enforcement Educators Trainers Association, Master Taser Conferences, and CIT International Conferences.

He developed the Taser Angled Drive Stun Technique and the Final Ops Backup Holster. Author of Arrestling’s Advanced Weapon Retention and Ground Survival Training Manuals. Many of his videos have been used on to help train law enforcement professionals worldwide.

About Ellis Amdur

Ellis Amdur, M.A., founder of Edgework: Crisis Intervention Resources,  received his B.A. in psychology from Yale University in 1974, and his M.A. in psychology from Seattle University in 1990. He is both a National Certified Counselor and a State Certified Child Mental Health Specialist.

Amdur has worked in the field of crisis intervention since 1988. He has developed a range of training and consultation services, as well as a unique style of assessment, consultation and psychotherapy. All of these are based on a combination of phenomenological psychology and the underlying philosophical premises of classical Japanese martial traditions. Ellis’s professional philosophy can best be summed up in this idea: the development of an individual’s integrity and dignity is the paramount virtue. This can only occur when people live courageously, regardless of the circumstances, and take responsibility for their roles in making the changes they desire.

He has released eleven instructional books, some written with subject-matter-expert co-authors concerning communication with seriously mentally ill individuals and verbal de-escalation of aggression:  target audiences for these books are those working in various law enforcement and emergency services capacities, those in social services and hospitals and families.  All these works and others are listed and available at Edgework Books.

He is one of the most prominent trainers in the Pacific Northwest on verbal de-escalation of aggressive and mentally ill individuals. His work focuses on communication specific for first responders to calm and control people manifesting mental illness and emotional disturbance, particularly those who are exhibiting potentially dangerous behaviors.

Ellis’s vivid descriptions of aggressive and mentally ill people and his true-to-life role-playing of the behaviors in question give participants an almost first-hand experience of facing the real individuals of concern.