gullAAmdur Associates

Gulla Amdur Associates  has grown beyond Don Gulla and Ellis Amdur in several directions: 1) associates fully trained and certified in Edgework methodology, the creation of Ellis Amdur  2) associates fully trained and certified in Arrestling methodology, the creation of Don Gulla  and 3) collaborators, with whom Don and/or Ellis work,  joining forces for advanced training that draws on all of our skills.

Associate Trainers of Arrestling

Associate Trainers of Edgework

Ellis Amdur has, so far, certified several individuals: Ms. Renee Cox,  and Danielle Jenkins in Edgework methodology. The work must surpass the individual who creates the system, and Ms. Cox and Ms. Jenkins, have developed their own way of teaching the principles of Edgework. Each works as an independent practitioner, but we remain in close contact, collaborating on continuing education and consultation The core information is exactly the same, but the training is leavened both by the different teaching styles as well as the professional skill and knowledge that each of these individuals brings.

Collaborating Trainers

We have had the honor to work with some of the finest trainers in the world.

  • Former Lieutenant Michael Paulus, through Michael Paulus Training LLC is one of the world’s premier experts on ‘boots on the ground’ tactical interventions with individuals undergoing excited delirium episodes. (Michael has written the appendices in a number of my books, providing a state of the art, profession-specific protocol on how manage these rare, but profoundly dangerous incidents).
  • Polis Solutions – Polis Solutions was founded by the creators of a $40M Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) effort to develop innovative methods and technologies for training social interaction skills. It is a training, consulting, and research firm that specializes in managing the social dynamics that affect human performance in mission-critical situations. Ellis Amdur was one of the subject-matter experts in this project, and is currently co-writing a book on his portion of the original project with research scientist Robert Hubal.  Both Don and Ellis collaborate with Polis Solutions as senior advisors.
  • Kevin St. Jacques, a collaborator with both Ellis Amdur and Don Gulla in other venue, provides a variety of consulting and counseling services, as well as crisis intervention and management skills to federal, state and local law enforcement agencies, social service agencies, universities, and private companies.

We encourage people to click to links to see the range of services that each of these exemplary people offer. It may be exactly what you have been searching for to provide to your agency.