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CV – Don Gulla

Curriculum Vitae

Don Gulla

Founder of Arrestling

Overview of qualifications: Sgt Don Gulla combines real world experiences and with pressure tested training to provide full spectrum force options. Combining classroom with hands-on training enhances student’s training experience.

Publications (Books, e-Books & DVD) 

Arrestling Advanced Weapon Retention Instructor’s Manual

Arrestling Coach Level DVD

Employment History  1990-Current   Arrestling Force Options Training Founder/CEO

2014 – Current – National Training Coordinator for Polis-Solutions

Polis is a national leader in social science based training, research, and development for law enforcement and other mission critical organizations. Polis is a DOJ funded Training and Technical Assistance provider, supporting evidence based de-escalation training around the United States.

2017 – Current – Chief Master Training Coordinator – Next Level Training

Developed Master SIRT Pistol Training Class and Safety Protocol for Academy Instructor

Developed Civilian SIRT Training, NRA SIRT Training, M.A.-F.A.S.T. Maritial Arts- Fire Arms Safety Training

King County Sheriff’s Office 1984-2017 –  Retired as Sergeant

2010 – 2017 Sgt in charge of King County Crisis Intervention Training Coordinator assigned to Washington State Criminal Justice Training Center

1997-2009  King County Sheriff’s Office Full Time SWAT Team Member -1997 Assigned to the SWAT Team as an Entry Team Member. He is part of the Tactical Training Unit, which is responsible for instructing deputies in Defensive Tactics, Active Shooter, Firearms, and in-service Taser Training.

Basic Law Enforcement Academy Instructor – Criminal Investigations Instructor, Traffic Instructor, Crisis Intervention Instructor and Defensive Tactics Instructor

2015 Developed 4 Modules of training to increase safety for 900 Washington State Dept of Health and Social Services Employees. Modules include Awareness, Social Interactions Tactics, De-escalation Tactics and Self Protection Tactics.

2011 Hostage/Crisis Negotiation/Crisis Supervisor. Attended FBI 40 HNT Training

2010 King County Crisis Intervention Training Coordinator – Training to help first responders respond to those in Mental Crisis. MIDD program for all Police Agencies In King County.

2003 Assigned to SWAT Security Detail of Gary Ridgeway (Green River Killer), during plea and sentencing.

2002 Salt Lake City Olympic Security Detail, assigned to Deer Valley and Park City.

1999 One of the primary Riot Team Trainers for the World Trade Organization (WTO) held in Seattle. During the WTO Riots, assigned to a Tactical Response Team responsible for supporting Riot Teams, Dignitary Protection, National Guard Support, and Hostage/Officer Rescue.

1990-97 Assigned to Washington State Criminal Justice Training Center. Police Academy Instructor for Crisis Intervention, Traffic , Criminal Investigaton and Defensive Tactics.

1996 Atlanta Olympic Security Team, Athens.

1990 Goodwill Games Anti-Terrorist Unit.


Green River Community College 1983 -1985

Electronic and Photography

Highline Community College

Notable Continuing Education & Professional Development

Certification/Instructor Courses

  • Force Science Certification
  • Taser Instructor
  • Master Taser Instructor
  • Senior Master Taser Instructor
  • Incident Response to Terrorist Bombing – New Mexico Tech/EMRTC
  • CIT International CIT Coordinator Certification
  • Mental Health First Aid LE Instructor
  • CIT Youth Instructor
  • CIT Force Options Instructor
  • CIT Corrections Instructor
  • Patrol Rifle Instructor
  • Patrol Rifle with Optics Instructor
  • SWAT, Basic
  • Instructor Development, Basic
  • Police Paintball Instructor
  • Master Defensive Tactics Instructor
  • Unarmed Control Tactics Instructor
  • Impact Weapons Instructor
  • Defensive Tactics for ERT Instructor
  • Defensive Tactics for ERT Instructor
  • Unarmed Defensive Tactics, Lev 2, Instr Recert Physical Fitness Technician, Refresher
  • Cop Talk
  • Critical Incident Survival Instructor
  • Race Relations
  • Using Positive Discipline
  • Counseling and Coaching for Supervisors
  • LE First-level Supervision
  • Ethics
  • SWAT Basic
  • Shock Knife Safety Monitor
  • United Force Option’s Instructor
  • V.E.S.T. – Violent Encounter Survival Training Instructor
  • Gulla’s Weapon Retention and Positional Shooting Master Instructor
  • Simunition Instructor
  • Side Handle Baton
  • Hazardous Material Operations
  • Security Firearm’s InstructorRadar Operator Certification
  • Breathalyzer Certification
  • Infrared Brealhtesting Certification & Refresher (Multiple)
  • Preliminary Breath Test., Basic
  • Improved Sobriety Testing
  • Collision Investigation, Basic
  • Gunsmithing

 Other Professional Work of Note

ProTraining Mental Health Awareness
This training program stems from a program that was originally developed at the University of Alberta, Department of Psychiatry, to advance the mental health training of police officers. This program proved overwhelmingly successful, showing increases in police mental health awareness, communication, de-escalation and empathy skills as well as an increase in police efficiency and a decrease in number of use-of-force occurrences.


ILEETA – International Law Enforcement and Trainer’s Association Conferences

IALEFI – International Association of Law Enforcement Firearms Instructors

International Crisis Intervention Team Conferences

Master Taser Conferences