gullAAmdur Associates

This class gives us great tools to deal effectively with people with mental problems.  Beyond that, there was exemplary instruction on close quarter combat, including getting of the line while counter-attacking to deal a gun or knife attack, and great information on weapons retention

Law Enforcement Officer, Sunnyside, Washington

Great use of stories and personal experience to illustrate and highlight your points. These were not just ‘war stories’ – they really were teaching examples. You are very knowledgeable about the subject and can play in role all the various types of individuals with mental illness. This was particularly stunning as you were playing to ‘English type.’ Not the accent, of course, but the context was exactly what we face in London, the way the system is set up. You must be a quick study since you’ve arrived here!

Social Worker, Chelsea and Kensington Borough, London

Interestingly, one of the greatest benefits of this class will be helping me to better understand my fellow law enforcement officers, so that we work most effectively as a team with these difficult individuals.

Law Enforcement Officer, Kenniwick, Washington

Working in a prison setting presents many challenges with mentally ill individuals. I will frequently be using these skills in future interactions. I believe I will be more prepared and aware, both mentally and physically.  Every aspect and subject of this training, from weapons retention, defensive tactics, past mistakes in history & information was very valuable as each piece is key in all jobs and departments.

Correctional Officer, Central Washington

Today was my first day back and I used some of the training! My partner used the de-escalation tactics on a psychotic person that was standing in the middle of a busy roadway (in the turn lane between east and west bound) because ‘voices’ were telling him to jump in front of a car to kill himself. The ‘island of sanity’ was to start talking with him playing football in college  (Big guy!)  We explained what was going to occur and what the ambulance workers would do when they arrived.  He settled down and walked to the ambulance himself without incident.  Moments later, we were sent on a call at a large parking lot regarding a boyfriend attempting to break the window on his girlfriend’s car, who was nearby.  He did not hit her and was gone on arrival.  Instead of clearing the call and thinking he was just ‘blowing out steam’, we both were thinking this was what you called a ‘displacement activity,’ to build up to more aggression.  So I asked her about what he was saying during this. It was very abusive toward her with obscene language. Due to your training, I recognized the danger of this behavior and continued with this investigation. It turns out he had prior assaults, and it was escalating it each time.  I talked to her for about 20 minutes and recommended shelters and counseling programs available.  She really seemed like she was going to follow through. I felt so strongly about your material and teaching style that I wanted to commend you on an excellent class.

Police Officer, North Las Vegas, Nevada

No fluff. Just straight to the point. I loved the fact that we went from class to mat and back again all day long. Great passion and expertise on the part of both instructors. And there was a great balance between them as well.

Law Enforcement Officer, Skagit County

Today we had an issue with one of our inmates.  He is someone who has been very volatile in the past and has spent some time in the blue room.  He has used the resources of our mental health services and chaplain services on an almost daily basis. Today, he was at a point for a face to face confrontation with staff.   I observed Lt. Cognard without his knowledge as he entered the block with Jamison and used verbal skills to calm him,  and have him walk out of the block with Lt. Cognard.  Lt. Cognard then went with him in the rec area and they walked back and forth together while they conversed about the issues and why Jamison was having a hard time.  This went on for a while.  They then came back in and Jamison returned to the block without any issues. I asked Lt. Cognard what happened and he advised me that he used his skills that he had just been trained on to find out what the heart of the problem was for Jamison and worked with him on resolving that problem. Lt. Cognard displayed great supervisory skills and resolved a situation that could have quickly escalated with another officer. You should be proud to know that he is an employee representing you in the jail and shaping the future of your staff.

a memo to the Acting Director of a Correctional Facility (NOTE: name of inmate and Lt changed)

This is my 2nd time attending a class w/Amdur. I was interested in the material in my prior training,  and looked forward to more. Don had great information and lots of knowledge. He was able to lead instructions in a safe and fun manner. Thank you for the presentation, These are quality men!

Law Enforcement Officer, Pasco, Washington